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  • A fusion of opposing ideas resulted in the creation of Game Freak Inc’s latest title: https://t.co/quiEdqHiDP https://t.co/UsjjARdVGQ 19/Apr/2019 19:10:07
  • RT @PlayStation: The must-play games of Spring are almost here. Plan accordingly: https://t.co/WEz2MevEi4 https://t.co/Vyjv6x3QzF 19/Apr/2019 16:08:40
  • Game Freak Inc’s new adventure, Giga Wrecker Alt., came about in a very unique way. Discover its origins on PS Blog… https://t.co/lfy07nFduR 19/Apr/2019 16:04:42
  • Behold the fearsome Shao Kahn as he appeared leading armies to battle. NetherRealm also reveals first details on ne… https://t.co/uyfSp9ZFT1 19/Apr/2019 15:31:52
  • Prepare to exterminate Freakers, race with Crash’s gang, solve murder cases and more with these six huge releases t… https://t.co/tvNJdRTKA0 19/Apr/2019 15:02:53
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